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Thursday, June 29, 2006

What Could I Do?

Around and around goes "The Sock Everyone Is Tired Of Hearing About." I am actually taking tomorrow off from work with the intention of doing only two things. One, put something in the mail for the trekster and two, finish "The Sock Everyone Is Tired Of Hearing About." I am about to start the gusset which as we know, involves decreases and, for a new sock knitter a certain amount of concentration.

But tonight was the weekly meeting of the Silicon Valley Stitchers. Which means I needed something relatively mindless to knit. What to do, what to do?

It started around 3:00 this afternoon at work. I was busy pretending my keyboard was a piano and was banging out the notes to "Jingle Bells". Hours of data entry will cause me to do things like that. By using only the "Enter" key I was able to discover that the first verse of "Jingle Bells" will get me to row 19 on an Excel spreadsheet. Then I counted how many key strokes there were between the fields I needed to enter data into and started entering the data with my eyes closed. This knowledge may come in handy if I ever go blind. However, this little exercise was quickly brought to a halt by the voice of my supervisor asking, "April, are you sleeping?"

Obviously I needed to find a more productive use of my time. Downloading free sock patterns seemed like a good idea. And there it was. There in the Knitty archives was the pattern for the Broadripple Socks. With just a little bit of lace to keep things interesting but overall, simple enough for a newbie. How was I supposed to resist starting a second pair of socks when they begin like this?

Why yes, that is Koigu KPPPM. Why yes, these will be the most expensive socks I've ever owned. But the COLOR, my God, the COLOR. I want to wear them NOW.

And apparently I wasn't the only one who was bored today ...

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