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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Now Entering ... Wearable World

Tonight is the bi-monthly meeting of the Santa Clara Crochet Meet-Up at Knitting Arts in Saratoga. I am excited. For two ... maybe three, no make that four reasons. First of all, I'm maybe two rows away from finishing my "Peek-A-B00 Now Known As Snowdrops On Roses" afghan. And without the presence of any yarn crazed felines I should be able to get that finished without any problem whatsoever. Secondly, Knitting Arts is having a 30% off sale on all their winter yarns. And 20% off everything else. Since I'll be attending an "event" tonight, tack on another 10%. That's 40% off winter yarns. Yes, 40%! In my eyes, heck, that's half off all winter yarns. Which leads us to reason number three for my building excitement and also an explanation for my repeated use of the phrase "winter yarns." See how clever I am with that little segue?

Here is my latest most favorite ever sweater book. I bought this at ImagiKnits on Saturday. And I kid you not, there are at least 10, if not more, sweaters in here that I MUST MAKE. This book is a gem. We're talking beautiful, easy to make sweaters with fantastic detail (I love detail). I've already ordered the yarn (from Canada, no less) to make one of the sweaters. But the sweater (pardon me, "wearable") I'm going to BUY THE YARN FOR AND START TONIGHT is right there on the cover. The lovely little white number. It looks like it's knitted, does it not? Newp, crochet. So with my little 40% off winter yarn savings I'm gonna pick me up some yarn and make this sweater. Unfortunately I don't wear sweaters because hey, I'm lumpy. Me in a sweater is an affront to humanity. However, my friends Cindy, Kerry and Sue all have sweater friendly figures so who knows where this little number will end up? Do you have a sweater friendly figure? Let me know, there's another nine sweaters I need to make out of this book.

The fourth reason and oh my God I'm having a hard time breathing just thinking about this ... Knitting Arts is having a knitting / crochet retreat from April 28th to the 30th in Carmel, California. At the lovely La Playa hotel. For those of you not familiar with Carmel, well it's beautiful. The beach is gorgeous. I feel faint ... Anyways, two ladies sharing a room can get all 15 workshops, breakfast, lunch and snacks for $495. $675 for a private room. Truly, I'm dying here. Do I have $675 for a three day vacation? Oh Lordy, I hope so. I leave you with a picture of the beach at Carmel.


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