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Friday, March 10, 2006

The Siren Call ...

... of the sock. Whispering softly, a multitude of delicious colors, it beckons. "April, knit me, knit me. Fear not, the dreaded circular needle or worse ... the evil double pointed. Gaze upon the beauty that a mere $12.53 can bring."

Whoa, no more drinking at lunch.

Yet, who am I to resist? Socks, ladies, not alcohol. Especially when Knit Picks sends me a catalogue with socks like these on its cover? How can one possibly say NO? I love Fair Isle, I love purple and green together - it's like the Marketing people at Knit Picks put their little heads together and declared "Our next catalogue will drive April into bankruptcy."

Because not only were these socks on the cover, THIS WAS INSIDE!

Cables, oooo. Purple, oooo. Big needles. Double oooo. Of course I'm trying hard not to remember that the physical act of knitting gives me a back ache which then develops into a severe headache. But ... maybe I've just been knitting with the wrong yarn! Or doing the wrong project! Maybe socks are pain free knitting, perhaps it's just sweaters that make my back hurt. Shhh ... just nod your head. And pass me the 222's.

A picture for Kerry Berry. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


  • At 3:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said… cute! And those socks! Wow. Maybe if you drink enough wine while knitting the headache won't kill you? ;) I'm sure I said it last night, but again, thank you so much for the yarn! I'll probably end up needing it for my monet.

  • At 3:51 PM, Anonymous Kerry said…

    oh, didn't mean to post anonymous! But you knew it was me :)


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