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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Persist, Persist, Persist

I bought the books. I bought the yarn. I bought the dreaded double pointed needles. I locked Andy in the bedroom. But ... I still can't get the hang of knitting SOCKS! Twenty years of knitting and I am stumped by socks. And let me tell you about double pointed needles. They are the spawn of Satan. These tiny smooth toothpicks are designed to drive you OUT OF YOUR MIND. I don't know which is harder to comprehend; a) how to knit socks or b) how people maintain their sanity while they're actually knitting the socks. So, one last kick at the can. For the next three Tuesdays, beginning on the 28th, I will be battling rush hour traffic into San Francisco so I can learn to knit socks at ImagiKnit. With the money I paid for this course I could probably have bought enough socks to last me a lifetime. But I am determined.


Here's Spike in his jaunty blue bandana. Poor Spike, he's currently living in Oakland courtesy of the Smiley Dog Rescue. My apologies to anyone who lives in Oakland but let's be honest here. People get killed in Oakland. Often. Which is why it is imperative that Spike get out of Oakland ASAP. I'm just sayin'. He's four years old and this is what Spike's foster mom has to say about him: "Spike is very friendly and affectionate and loves human cuddling. It doesn’t take long for him to be on your lap flirting and giving you kisses." And who doesn't need more kisses?


  • At 7:00 AM, Anonymous Cindy said…

    Oh, poor April!!! Did you look up the socks101 website? It helped me alot. Several people online have recommended using two circular needles rather than those awful toothpicks. I haven't tried that myself. The other trick when you get to turning the heel is to make sure you twist the stitch you pick up down the sides of your turned heel. I promise to help Thursday night if I can.

  • At 7:02 AM, Anonymous Cindy said…

    P.S. And when knitting the heel part I seem to remember that slippng the first stitch worked better for a flatter seam.


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