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Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Official "I Love Marie" Post

Hello and welcome to the weekly updating of the "Weaving Inn" blog.

Today's posting is brought to you courtesy of my co-worker, Marie. Marie is an especially wonderful person and I'm not saying that just because she covered my shift today. Or because she's the one that let me in on the news that Knitting Arts was hiring. No, I'm saying it just because it's true. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of Marie to show you. However, I do have a picture of Marie's husband.

Hello, Mr. Marie! Rather good looking isn't he? So this weekend is the first two consecutive days I've had off in two months. Seemed like a good time to update the ol' bloggage. Yarn call!

I'd really like to tell you all that I'm trying very hard not to buy a lot of yarn even though I work in a yarn store. But that would be a big, fat lie. Here's Cascade Yarns "Cloud 9". A lovely yarn made up of 50% merino wool and 50% angora. Worsted weight, 109 yards. And very sensibly priced as we can see by the large honkin' price tag I've managed to capture in the picture. Uh, sorry about that, Jan. Anyway, this yarn is for a pair of mittens similar to these. Next!

Colinette Jitterbug in greys and pinks. For when I get my sock knitting mojo back. But there's also been some finishing! And some starting!

Two thumbs away from being an FO, back again are the Corazon mittens from Knitty. Those thumbs need to be finished very quickly as these mittens are a birthday gift. For the incredibly gorgeous and disgustingly talented Dave. It's his birthday ONE WEEK FROM TODAY. Get those cards in the mail, folks.

And in honor of my day off today, I started a new pair of gloves. These are the Bewitching Gloves designed by Nanette Blanchard. I've done a bit of color change, opting to do the lettering in orange instead of white. The cuff is the "Double, Double, Toil And Trouble" thinger from MacBeth. In Koigu. Yay. According to my calendar I have a scant 24 days to finish these if I want to wear them for Halloween.

And last, but not least, I've started "Cozy", another Knitty pattern. I've wanted to make this shawl/stole/wrap whatever since I first saw it but could never find a worsted weight yarn that I thought would work well enough. Until we got Cascade's Venezia Worsted in stock. 70% merino wool and 30% silk with 219 yards per skein. I love it.

Seen enough yarn? Seen enough projects? OK, good, now I can upload all this crap onto Ravelry. I'll be back in a week. Maybe sooner.