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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

365 ... Something

So I came across this really interesting blog about a week ago. It's called the Make Something 365 & Get Unstuck blog. Which is a very long title for a blog. It's sort of along the Picture A Day For A Year idea. In fact, that's exactly what a lot of people are doing, getting out the ol' camera and snapping pics. But other people are making things. One guy is drawing a picture every day that sums up his day but the catch is, he can only spend 60 seconds on it. Another person is making the symbol for Pi each day out of things like paper clips, or pie crust dough and taking a picture of it.

I had thought about making a quilt block a day then remembered how much I hated quarter inch seams. Then I "briefly" thought about baking something every day. Which I would really, really love to do except I don't want to weigh 300 pounds by the summer. Maybe I could make a granny square a day? But I gave away all my yarn which means I would have to buy more. Horrors.

Maybe I should buy this book which has 50 different crochet motifs in it and just make 7 of each. I keep telling myself I want to make an afghan. In fact, there's one sitting in a bag in the car but it's just stripes and I'm already bored with it. Perhaps granny squares are the way to go. Still liking that baking idea ...


  • At 12:35 AM, Anonymous 2paw said…

    Oh yes, the baking idea is good, and so is the crocheted granny square rug. Would you do different colours for every round though??? I am only brave enough to try something for a month. Good luck with whatever you choose. I'm going t pop over and see what people are doing!!


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