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Sunday, November 18, 2007

FO's Times Three

It has been a very productive week knit-wise. Last Saturday I got an urge to knit a scarf and found what I think is the perfect scarf pattern, courtesy of Misti Alpca.

This is the "Misti Chunky Ribs & Ruffles Scarf." Why is it perfect? Well first of all Misti Chunky is one of the softest yarns I've ever come across. Secondly, I love the little ruffles at the end which are dead easy to do. And thirdly, it took me less than 24 hours to knit it because you use US 13's. So I finished it Sunday night and gave it to my friend, Iris, the next day. Ta da!

Thanks to my co-worker at the yarn shop, Gunilla, the Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl has finally been blocked. What the heck, it's only been like 8 months since I finished it.

I love this pattern like whoa. And Gunilla did a wonderful job blocking it for me. I used Alpaca With A Twist's "Baby Twist" for this. It's a sport weight yarn so the shawl took hardly any time at all. It was just the blocking part that took some time. The shawl has gone off to live with a young lady of 11 months named Ava. Also known as my boss' granddaughter. Maybe she can wear it to the first day of kindergarten.

Here we have a slight case of over blocking. This is the Sheep & Wool Hat in Cascade 220 and Malabrigo. Apparently I should have laid this flat to block instead of draping it over the container that holds the cat food crunchies. Because instead of a beanie, I now have a top hat. Most disappointing. I think a little felting might be in order but that will be a job for one more experienced in felting than I am, since I've never felted anything before. And if that doesn't work, well it only took a couple of days to knit. I'll just make another one!

And now it's back to my Charlotte's Web Shawl. I can't seem to stop knitting the dang thing. Gosh, could that be because it's Koigu AND lace? I see many more of these in my future ...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Hat, Some Yarn

Wow, two posts in one week. A miracle.

I have been a busy knitter girl. Here's the Fake Fair Isle from MagKnits. I love this pattern almost more than I love chocolate but not as much as I love red wine. It was so incredibly easy and I'm very pleased with the results. I even BLOCKED it. Here, let me say that again. I *blocked* it. Now is that a sign of love or what?

I made it for my friend, Mikey, who is a friend of one of my co-workers at the yarn store. She's taught him to knit so he hangs out at the store and turns out hats, scarves and all manner of knit wear. He carries everything he's knit around in a big bag. How could he not deserve a hat?

Not only have I been knitting yarn, I've been buying it too.

And apparently I still suffer from oneballitis. I'm thankful I'm not a man. But given my current love of hats it's all good. From left to right, Misti Alpaca Chunky, Perchance To Knit's "Rainbow Black" superwash merino sock yarn, Plymouth's "Boku", Nashua Handknits "Wooly Stripes" and in front Mission Falls "1824 Wool." The Boku is slated to be another Fake Isle Hat and the Wooly Stripes may end up being one as well. The Rainbow Black was purchased from Perchance To Knit's Etsy shop so even though I work for an LYS I'm still supporting the indi dyer. And Etsy in general because I LOVE ETSY. More evidence of which will be posted in the next few days.

Monday, November 05, 2007


Whoa! Where the heck did October go? It was just here a minute ago and, in the words of the always clever Sheepie, great Googly Moogly, it's NOVEMBER. Gracious me.

So ... moving along. Busy, very busy. Despite the fact that I am horse-less and the goats are living at a friend's ranch. Here at the House Of Torture, I was given a raise but at the same time had my workload increased by about 50%. Which is seriously cutting into my blog reading / commenting time. Not good. And then there's that whole working six or seven days a week thinger. Hmm, I seem to have run out of excuses.

However, the knitting continues.

Here we have Crazy Aunt Purl's "Reversible Halloween Beanie" which I did manage to finish in time to wear to Halloween. Or would have, if it hadn't looked like crap on me. Beanies and my head ... not such a good match. Anyway, it used up the orange Koigu I bought to make my Halloween gloves that never got made.


Your most basic sock in some rather ugly yarn. This is Colinette "Jitterbug" which pools quite horrendously. I had thought to make a sample of it for the store but I think we can all agree that this sock would not entice many people to buy Jitterbug yarn. Don't ask me why I'm still knitting with it, I guess hope springs eternal. Perhaps when it's done the colors will miraculously rearrange themsevles and it will be a thing of beauty. Yeah.


From MagKnits, the Fake Isle Hat in Noro Kureyon and Crystal Palace Aran. I love this pattern. However, I do not love my Comfort Zone needles with this yarn. The yarn is stiiiiiiiicking to the needles like whoa.

Speaking of things that move slowly, am I the only one on the planet for whom Ravelry moves at a snail's pace? Yes, I know it's still in Beta, yes, I know it's free, but jeepers creepers, zzZZzzZZzzZZ. Maybe I should write blog posts while I'm waiting for the Ravelry screen to refresh. There's an idea!