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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sock It To Me, Button Babe!

Today I went to check out trek's blog because she's been hangin' out at mine. That's what you do in Blogland, it's a lot cheaper than driving. Anyway, here was yet ANOTHER person making damn SOCKS. "Is everyone but me making socks these days?" I wondered. Apparently so. So here we go again. Only this time I'm crocheting them. <Insert rant about double pointed needles> Yes, crocheting them. On a toothpick no less. Here's a fascinating picture of the double crochet foundation round (or " dcf " to us sock people). From reading a number of posts over on the C'ville sock forum a lot of people have a problem with the ol' dcf. Which means I've probably done mine wrong as well but I'm just too stupid to notice.

In an attempt to get some productive crocheting time in, Kerry and I went to Starbuck's this afternoon. Fortunately Starbucks was not inhabited by kittens with a penchant for wool yarn. Here is the sock progress at this moment in time. The sock yarn du jour is Steinbach Wolle, 75% wool (or wolle if you're German) and 25% polyamid. Hook size? D! Hahahaha ..... Please promise to visit me at the institution.

What is it about grocery store warehouses (i.e. Smart & Final) that cause you to believe you really need something like this? Especially when a) you live alone, b) you have limited storage space and c) you could easily stand to lose ohh ... more than just a few pounds. And for those of you who are still using a 14" monitor and are perhaps thinking, "That box doesn't look THAT big" please read the fine print. You're looking at five flippin' pounds of brownie mix. Women give birth to babies that weigh less than this box. Oh, and please ... don't ask me about the 3 pack of lemon cake mix I got at the same time ....

Now let's do a little creative visualization. Close your eyes and imagine, say, five bunnies. Cute, furry, wiggle nose bunnies. Hopping about someone's back yard in Nevada. Reno to be specific. Boy AND girl bunnies. Hop, bounce, frolic. Got that picture in your head? OK, so now take that picture and multiply the number of bunnies by 200. That's the sight that greeted workers from the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary after they'd gotten a call from a woman who's rabbit rescue got "out of control." 1,000 bunnies. None of them spayed, none of them neutered. Baby bunnies everywhere. Is it any wonder that Best Friends is saying:

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is one of my personal charities and I especially love bunnies. OK, OK, so I love all animals (except for snakes). But I *really* love bunnies. Conseqently I'm jumping off the Heartmade Blessings bandwagon for a bit and getting on the Great Bunny Rescue bandwagon. I'm putting on my thinking cap in an effort to get other people to jump on with me. And since I'm pretty sure bunnies don't need afghans I'm not going to ask for any squares. Which means a new contest to help the bunnies. Stay tuned for all the furry details.


  • At 11:34 AM, Anonymous Kerry said…

    stripes! You have stripes on your sock! yippee! Looks great! I wouldn't complain if you wanted to bring brownies on Thursday night :)

  • At 9:41 AM, Blogger Craft Kitten said…

    Bunny Rescue... Sell amigurumi bunnies and donate proceeds to the rescue effort.



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