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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Horsin' Around

It may come as a surprise, perhaps even a shock, to some of you to find that I don't spend ALL my free time at the yarn store. I know, I know, I find it surprising too. But there are some things in life capable of dragging me out of the air conditioned comfort of my LYS. Such as ...


My good friend Rod has gone to Los Angeles this weekend for a rodeo. Rod has three horses but was only taking two so he needed someone to look after horse #3. April to the rescue. Here's Ashkii tonight after I groomed him. He's a three year old quarter horse/draft cross with the personality of a puppy dog. Ashkii's favorite thing to do is eat. "What's this sticking out of the back of your head? A pony tail? Is it edible?" Is there anything as attractive as hair that smells like horse spit?


Also looking for something to eat is General, another three year old. General is a Percheron/Suffolk cross. The basic translation of that is that he's going to be huge if he ever stops growing. If I thought he'd fit in the back seat of my car, I'd steal him in a minute.


This is Savannah, who isn't a horse. She's my BEST FRIEND. Ask her, she'll confirm it. Savannah is four years old and likes to help me scoop poop. She's the daughter of my friend, Traci, who owns ...


Honey is a quarter horse and is actually a boy. But that's what happens when you let your seven year old daughter name the horse. I'm helping Traci with Honey because she knows absolutely nothing about horses. I'm not what you'd call a horse trainer but I know enough to get him started with his ground manners.

But horses aren't all we have up at ol' Chapparal Ranch. Heck we've got your Thanksgiving dinner right here.

Wild Turkeys

This bunch usually cuts through the ranch every night about 7 o'clock on their way to the hills behind us. There are also deer, jack rabbits and ugh, rattlesnakes, up there as well. And yes, turkeys actually do say "gobble gobble." Another type of bird that hangs out at the ranch ...

A bath? A drink of water? I wasn't really sure what this guy was looking for but he was quite fascinated by the wash tub. Hard to believe that this is no more than 15 miles from the heart of Silicon Valley, eh?


  • At 4:14 AM, Anonymous Dave Daniels said…

    Lordy, woman, you're hanging out at the chaparal??? I thought Campbell was a mini-silicon valley? I'm shocked to see you cavorting with critters and such. lol
    It's great fun to have a little pal to help scoop the poo. (That just cracks me up.) And to think, there IS life outside the LYS...

  • At 5:41 AM, Blogger trek said…

    Can you wrap Ashkii in some brown paper and UPS him my way?

    My grandfather was a trainer and forgot that one of his quarter horses was due on Valentine's day when I was a child. The mare did indeed foal that day and he named the colt "I Forgot".

  • At 8:00 AM, Blogger Renee said…

    Awww, those horses are gorgeous! I love the image of Ashkii trying to eat your pony tail.

    And isn't it nice that there's someone who think scooping poop is fun! Can you send her my way: Sam likes his litter box to be pristine...


  • At 11:54 AM, Anonymous your lace swap buddy said…

    Those are some pretty horses. The turkeys at my work place not only says 'gobble gobble' but also chase children! (I work at a historical museum with live interpretation)It's wonderful. I also love the yogurt popsicle colored socks you are in the process of finishing...I have yet to try knitting socks, I've been knitting mostly scarves and baby booties ^)^


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