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Friday, June 02, 2006

No Snappy Title Today

OK, first things first. The winner of a brand new copy of "Knit Lit" is .... my pal, Sue! Congratulations, Sue. Now you'll have to come to a meeting to pick up your book. Ha. Am I clever or what? Actually Sue's name *was* the name I pulled out of the hat, this is not some clever ploy on my part.

The Prize

There is new yarn in the house. Only one ball though. This is South West Trading Company's "Bamboo." It's somewhere between a fingering weight and a sport weight. I'm thinking ... lace. Wow, what a surprise. Anyway, I may use it to do the Emma scarf pattern I bought a while back. The color is "Purplexed." Ha. How clever.

In case you hadn't noticed, it's Friday. That means it's time to start thinking about possible yarn stores to hit on the weekend. I'm thinking ... ImagiKnit.

And before you start thinking my Photoshop skills are pretty impressive, I stole this picture off their website. A trip to ImagiKnit involves a trip to San Francisco which is about an hour north of my little apartment. But unlike a lot of people in the South Bay, I enjoy driving in San Francisco because you never know what'll happen. I was almost rear ended by an M&M truck once. Can you imagine? I would have had free M&M's for the rest of my life. Then there are the 90 degree hills. That may be a slight exaggeration. I drive an automatic but there's still that chance you'll roll backwards into the person behind you. Fun!

Speaking of FUN! let's give away a pattern, shall we? Just because it's Friday and I'm still on that whimsical kick and what says whimsy better than a sweater with sheep on it? This is a BRAND NEW UNUSED pattern, no photocopying or copyright infringement goin' on in my blog, thank you very much. Here is where you can find a bigger picture of the pattern, if you so desire. This is a KNITTING pattern, sorry crocheters. We'll get you next time.

Since this isn't exactly what you'd call a GRAND PRIZE, let's make this easy. Umm, I can't think of a question. OK, I got one. Who is the most recent addition to my household? Please to post answer in blog. Thank you. I might even throw in a bag of Gummi Bears.


  • At 2:48 PM, Blogger wendyb532 said…

    Congratulations Sue. April, you never said what color was chosen. Let all of us with curious minds know, please?
    I got my yarn today. Love the color and it is so soft! Thanks once again.


  • At 7:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wow! I won another prize!! April you're too sweet for words. I'm so sorry I've been so scarce. Lately I've been sick (no excuse) and feel like I haven't stopped blowing my nose in 2 weeks! Ack!

    You know, I was at the Coffee Society last week while waiting on a meeting in one of the office bldgs! I almost brought my crochet stuff but wasn't going to have enough time to get cozy!

    Clearly, I need to get out of the house. Thanks so much for the prize.


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