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Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Long And Winding Road

I need a swift ...

I don't want to wind any of these skeins into a ball. Usually I'm pretty good about winding yarn as soon as I get it but I seem to have gotten a bit behind here. So now it seems like a very daunting task to get all these wound up and then make them into neat little yarn cakes. I think a swift is definitely in order. Please disregard the messy end of my Harlot's Mums (second skein from the left) - the furry paws of mayhem got his claws into it.

One of my favorite yarn stores has hired an incompetent ditz. Why do I say she's incompetent? Well two weeks ago she wound a ball of yarn for me into a little yarn cake. After she gave it to me, I asked her, "Where's the end?" She looked rather condescendingly at me and replied, "In the middle." Now I don't know about you but one of the joys of having your yarn wound into a yarn cake is so that you can easily find the end. She then added, "Do you need me to FIND it for you?" I handed it back to her. After about 5 minutes she returned the ball to me with about 10 yards of yarn vomit pulled from the center, warning me not to complain about the vomit because after all, she had wound it correctly and it was my fault because I couldn't find the end. After I had knit my way through the yarn vomit I had to forcibly pull the yarn from the center because the ball was wound so tight.

Tonight I asked her if the store carried "Oat Couture" patterns. "What?" she answered. "Oat Couture, I think you carry their patterns. Do you know where they are?" I asked again. "I have no idea," the helpful clerk replied. She then returned to the store's Sweater Wizard where she was printing out a pattern for a customer. "How many stitches do I cast on?" wondered the newbie customer, holding a ball of chunky weight in her hand. "156 stitches," the clerk answered. The customer looked at me, somewhat confused. I looked at the clerk and asked, "Is she knitting the body in one piece on circular needles?" "No," snipped the clerk, "156 stitches on a straight for the back." In chunky weight. You may be thinking at this time that this had to be one particularly large customer but she wasn't. Turns out Miss Delightful had inadvertently doubled the measurement the customer gave her. Hello? Even if all you did was plug in the numbers, wouldn't you question the reasonableness of knitting 156 stitches of chunky weight for the back of a sweater?

Since the skein I need for the second Baby Cable Rib sock is one that needs to be wound, I decided to start another sock. This is the Yukon Leaves pattern by Lela Conrad. Yes, I know you can't see the pattern in the picture. So go here to see a particularly drool worthy rendition. I am using ... Koiguuuuuuuuuu on size US 1. I like the Koigu on the 1's. It's firm but still has a bit of give.

Finally, the moment the entire world has been waiting for. The winner of today's mini contest is that baaaaaad girl herself, Sheepish Annie. Please to send snail mail info to . Gracias, no queso por favor.


  • At 1:16 AM, Anonymous Wendy said…

    Congrats to the winner! I think you should complain to the owner of the store. A lot of times they don't get feedback about their employees and I think that is important to bring up.

    It reminds me of this weekend when I went into Lowes and asked where they had tack strips for concrete subflooring. You should have seen the look on this woman's face. She didn't know what I was talking about. I asked her if she could get another person to help me who did and then she rudely told me it was either one aisle or the other, which it was neither. I politely attempted to explain to her that the tack strip is what is put down around the perimeter of the room and the carpet is stretched and then pulled onto these strips, etc...when she cut me off in the middle of it to tell me again the two wrong aisles. I finally just drove to Home Depot.

    Either they know it all or they don't care to know anything, huh? By the way on the ball winder it specifically say in the instructions to pull the yarn up so you will have a center pull. Also, sock yarn probably should be wound into a ball twice so that it isn't tight as I have heard that if you wind yarn too tight it can stretch the yarn.

    Too bad you didn't live closer I would let you use my swift. :)

  • At 4:36 AM, Anonymous Dave Daniels said…

    Yes, for sure, speak up about her rydeness. There's no reason for it. And there are FAR too many people looking for jobs that would do the same job with enthusiams and a SMILE!
    As far as your yarn, most of us that sell yarn would be more than happy to ship you cakes instead of skeins. Just ask when you place the order. It'll only take a couple of minutes, and it's no problem at all. Really.

  • At 6:59 AM, Blogger trek said…

    What a rude individual - and incompetent too! Don't you just hate it when someone relies so heavily on the cash register or computer or calculator that they have absolutely no concept of "right-ness". Ever watched someone try to make change when they put the wrong amount in and had to calculate in their head and failed miserably? Duh? Count up, you numb-nut.

    Anyway, congrats to the Sheep.

  • At 6:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hee hee hee. Your swift is on its way. I hope you did mean swift and not ball winder, as that's what I sent. If you meant ball winder, though, I think JoAnn will let you exchange it. Should arrive next week towards the end of the week, I hope. And your final (small, I promise) package goes in the mail tomorrow. So in the meantime -- check out the list of OSPs and see if you can guess who I am!

    Meanwhile, I remain
    your ever-lovin' OSP

  • At 10:36 PM, Blogger aija said…

    Queso por favor!! :)

    What a weirdo @ your LYS. I'd definitely let the owner/mgmt know... yarn stores depends on good customer service to stay afloat, and if she's like that to you, she's like that to everyone! has a 50% one item coupon AUGH650 -- they have a large swift for $70 & a medium one for $60... :) I've been eyeing the "homemade" ones on ebay too-- the ones that sit like a lazy susan on your table instead of clamping on.

  • At 11:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    dayamm, girl. That was WAY TOO FAST.

    {sigh} guess I'm outed now!

    -- Yer OSP!


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