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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Who Needs Men?

Especially when you're the proud owner of one of these wonderful toys.

I've wanted one of these for about a year; ever since I went up to ImagiKnits in San Francisco and bought a skein of yarn. In return they gave me back a yarn cake. A perfect center pull yarn cake. It was love at first sight. Where were all the knots? The yarn that was twisted around itself 63 times? The end that I would pull and instead pull out half the ball? No. Instead the yarn simply flowed from the center. It didn't bounce around on the couch, it sat quite contentedly beside me in all it's cakey goodness. This was yarn nirvana. Not only that, but when was the last time you gave your significant other a 5 ounce ball of Lion Brand Baby Soft and he gave you back one of these?

Is that gorgeous or what? A veritable work of art. Why even Ralphie who is usually busy swimming in his tank has stopped to stare in envy. And bettas ... not a fish normally known for envious feelings.

And if the purchase of a yarn winder wasn't enough, I spent a fabulous day in Capitola with my fellow Musketeers, Kerry and Cindy. Capitola is a small village right on the coast. It's one of my favorite places to visit in this area not only because it's right on the ocean but it's also very laidback and unassuming. Quaint. Capitola is quaint. As opposed to Santa Cruz which is overrun with dope smoking surfers who live in Volkswagen vans.

So we had lunch and wandered through the stores. You might want to make a note never to take Cindy and Kerry into a store offering free samples of saltwater taffy. Although it did not specifically SAY on the sign ONE piece per customer, I think that was the general idea. I'm just saying. You might also want to note that you should never, EVER tell these two women if you have a particular fondness for say ... ladybugs.

Yes, I'm 46. No, I'm not too old to carry a velvet ladybug purse.

But finally, the meter had run out on our parking space (I'm quite sure the City of Capitola generates 95% of it's annual revenue through the distribution of parking tickets) so back into the car to drive to the REAL reason we came to Capitola.

Isn't that a cute sign? Yes, we came just to see the sign. OK, maybe not. I liked the Yarn Place. On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd give it a 7. It had a very good assortment of yarn, reasonably priced, but holy claustrophobia, Batman, put on an addition. It was one of those stores where you stay on the allotted path to make your way through the store because if you don't, you're gonna knock something over. Another thing I wasn't so crazy about - no prices on the skeins. I'm sure putting prices on skeins of yarn isn't the most stimulating job in the world but if other places can do, why can't you? Is there anything worse than finding the perfect yarn, a yarn that practically sings to you, walking up to the counter and jeepers creepers, it's $93.25 per skein?

But we weren't done with Capitola yet. It was time to visit Special Place # 2. And if you want to experience true claustrophobia, this is where you want to go on the Saturday before Easter.

Apparently this is where every single person who lives in Capitola goes to buy their Easter goodies. People were three and four deep at the counter. Thank goodness they had a ticket dispenser. And someone with a microphone announcing the numbers. Otherwise I might still be there.

Happy Bunny Day to all my blog reading friends.


  • At 6:31 AM, Blogger trek said…

    We have one and only one LYS that stocks sock yarn (yeah, we resort to internet purchasing at the drop of a stitch) and they seem to put up the price tags on the wire cubes. They are quite nice: name, yardage, weight, price, composition. Problem is that they do not replace the tags when the tags get knocked off the cubes or lost. Grrr.

  • At 11:29 AM, Blogger April said…


    imagiknits does the same thing but they also note the cost of the yarn per yard which is nice. and they have a beautiful greyhound who sleeps under the counter and gives wonderful kisses.


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