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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Color Me Confused

Over at the 'Ville there is a new CAL goin' on. It's called the Crochet-A-Quilt CAL. I had a brief love affair with quilting three years ago. Actually it was more like an obsession. I had never sewn before but I was determined that I would teach myself how and that I would create beautiful works of art with fabric. I bought a basic sewing machine and oh ... 300 yards, give or take, of fabric. Quilting is a precise business. I was an anal person without a clue on how to even operate a sewing machine. Did I forget the part about how I was on medical disability for working myself into the ground at my job? Maybe not such a great time to take up quilting with it's exact 1/4" seams. Every time I sat down at the sewing machine my ex-husband would look up and say quietly, "Umm ... are you going to ... sew?" I'd snap back, "DUH, am I not sitting at a SEWING MACHINE?!?" Quilting. Not such a relaxing hobby.

But being so anal and an accountant to boot, how can I resist the wonderful symmetry of quilts? So when I saw this CAL it seemed to have my name written all over it. And when I saw this Nine Patch (one of my favorite quilt patterns) it was even harder to JUST SAY NO. So far I have managed to stay focused on my current WIPs. OK, so I read the forum every day to see what other people are doing but that's all I'm doing. Really. Anyone need a slightly used sewing machine?

Also over at the 'Ville I'm doing the "Summer Scarf Swap." I'm making a scarf for Renee who in a very coinky dink kind of way was one of the winners of the Heartmade Blessings baskets that were actually boxes. Weird, no? So Renee, bless her pointed little head, (yes, I know you're reading this, Renee) would like a scarf in coral. Let me tell you, the coral yarn, she is hard to find. And when you do find it after searching for days on end, it's either pinky coral or orange-y coral.

So last night at the Crochet Meet-Up I decided to enlist the advice of Sue, who is very knowledgable in all things color. Since the Meet-Up is conveniently held at Knitting Arts we were able to check out the yarn during the meeting. I picked up a lovely ball of Rowan's Cotton Rope and showed it to her.

Me: Isn't this the perfect shade of coral for Renee's scarf?

Sue: That doesn't really look like coral to me ...

Me: Well ... maybe it looks different outside.

Sue picks up a ball of Rowan's Cotton Handknit.

Sue: This is more like coral I think.

Me: You don't think it's kind of orange-y?

Sue: No. When people say coral I think they think more orange-y.

Me: ACK, I don't know what to do.

Sue: Well that one you had looks kind of nice too ...

A lot of thinking, not much deciding. So Sue and I decide I should send Renee an e-mail and ask her which she prefers. Renee's response ... "Either would be fine."

Please come visit me in the institution. You'll be able to recognize me by the bright pinky orange-y coral scarf wrapped tightly around my neck.


  • At 11:58 AM, Blogger trek said…

    The Cotton Rope is coral.
    The Cotton Handknit is peach.

  • At 12:30 PM, Blogger April said…

    thanks trek, you're a BIG help. remind me to let andy play with your ball of sock yarn before i send it to you ... :)

  • At 12:59 PM, Blogger Renee said…

    Oh my, if I had any idea... I probably would still have been indecisive. These days, I have trouble tying my shoe laces (and my shoes are velcro!). (A psychotic coworker was fired two weeks ago, and I've been doing cleanup: I don't think she'd done any actual work since November...)

    They're both beautiful yarns, and if you haven't actually purchased one of them yet, I vote for the cotton rope. It's a pretty, rich color! If you've already bought the Cotton Handknit, it's beautiful, too.

    As for the Crochet Quilt, Julie keeps trying to entice me, but the thought of having to assemble all those itty bitty squares makes me feel funny inside.

  • At 4:58 AM, Anonymous Amber said…

    Wow! That quilt looks great!
    as to choosing don't want me involved. :) They are both pretty.

  • At 7:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Haha! We're a funny pair! Looks like you had the right ball of yarn the first time!!


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