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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Baseball And Alpaca

Commuknity is a lovely yarn shop located here in San Jose. Today at lunch I decided to go down and see if I could find some yarn for my Summer Scarf Swap (don't panic, Renee!). Not only did I find the yarn I found a few other things as well. First up was ...

No, the Giants weren't playing at Commuknity today. What IS happening is that Commuknity is organizing a "Stitch 'N Pitch" on Thursday, July 20th. At 5:30 that afternoon a contingent of crazy knitters and crocheters who like the Giants will board the train from San Jose to San Francisco to take in that nights game against the San Diego Padres. There will be a special bleacher section reserved for the "fibre artists" and all attendees will receive a special Stitch 'N Pitch Tote Bag, a limited edition Giants pattern and a ball of orange yarn, courtesy of the Giants (anyone want a ball of orange yarn?). I think if you had to pick a sport most suited to being watched while crocheting, baseball would be it. I'm definitely signing up for this.

Also at Commuknity, this beautiful Alpaca yarn.

Purple and grey are my two favorite colors. Particularly this shade of grey. Grey makes me think of Canada in the winter, with the women in their cabled sweaters and wool skirts. Lined wool skirts, that is. Canadians are not masochists. This is fingering weight yarn though so I doubt I'll be knitting any cabled sweaters and I'd rather shave my head with a cheese grater than knit a skirt. This is not to say I've never worn a knitted skirt. I have. In this color in fact. When I was ohhh .... about that many pounds lighter.

Progress continues on the Simply Soft "Simply Shawl" with only 9 pattern rows and 3 edging rows until it officially becomes an FO. Speaking of FO's, I give you "Chic On The Halfshell - Cali Style." Kudos again to Drew for designing such a fast, fun AND easy pattern.

On Saturday I bought a plain yellow button to use as a closure. And promptly threw it away. So instead we have a daisy. I'm going to give this to the niece of a co-worker since it really is a little small for me.

Papa Don; size G; the obsession continues ...


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