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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Canada Day

Hay, you lookin' fer me?

Long time no posty! Blerg, I've had a serious case of project startitis. Here it is the Summer of Socks and I am completely uninspired. I have ZERO desire to knit socks. I'm hoping my love of socks comes back before the Summer is over.

Victor has a new stall neighbor. She moved in today and her name is BJ. We are extremely glad that Victor's old neighbor, Gunner, moved out. Gunner and Victor never hit it off. Maybe because Gunner was especially fond of removing large pieces of Victor's hide. BJ is a little more subdued but Victor's still not sure ...

The first clue for the Mystery Stole 3 was posted on Friday. I'm waiting on my yarn to arrive so I've been working on Wisp. I'm about a third of the way done now that I managed to find pointy 7's. Knitting lace with needles that have rounded ends is no flippin' fun. And the pointy 7's only cost $4.85. What a lovely deal!

Victor would like to thank all the members of his fan club for their kind words and support over the last two months. He hopes you all come to visit him soon. And please bring carrots.


  • At 3:44 AM, Blogger trek said…

    Aw, April, what about the pretty Kona yarn? It makes very nice sockies!

    Victor, just carrots? Cheap date, dude.

  • At 6:59 AM, Blogger Sheepish Annie said…

    Sorry, Victor. No carrots here. Or any other vegetable. Could I interest you in a nice black and white cookie?

    Tell Mama April that I feel her pain. My knitting anything mojo is just gone!

  • At 8:25 AM, Blogger Heide said…

    Your Wisp looks fabulous. I'm glad to hear that Victor is enjoying the company of a more refined and subdued neighbor. I've not even chosen my yarn yet for the Mystery Stole KAL.

  • At 12:18 PM, Blogger Cookie said…

    One needs sock love in order to knit socks?


    I'm so glad Victor has a nicer neighbor.

  • At 2:26 AM, Blogger catsmum said…

    Only cyber carrots from me I'm afraid


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