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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Just Along For The Ride

Yesterday was a very nice day at the House Of Torture for me. One of my co-workers is leaving and I was offered her position. Not only is this a promotion, it also means more MONEY. Actually let me rephrase that. "It also means more YARN money." Since that seems to be where all my money goes. The only downside to all of this is that they'll need to find someone for my position and you just know that's going to take some time, being the uber accountant that I am. So until then I'll be doing two jobs at the same time. Which will seriously cut into my crocheting time. And the Crochet Olympics is only two short days away. Can she do it? Will April be successful in her quest for the Crochet Gold? Stay tuned, the fun is just beginning.

To further add to the excitement of the day, when I arrived home last night I found my finalized divorce papers in the mail. This rendering of the marital bond was accomplished without me ever setting foot inside a courtroom or speaking to a lawyer. My ex-husband did everything online. Given that we met online this seemed a particularly appropriate way to finish things as well. So the pressing question of the day is should I keep my married name, go back to my maiden name (which I hated) or take on an entirely new name. What do you think of "April Hogsbottom"? It sounds rather British doesn't it? I could go Native American, "April CrochetsLikeTheWind." Something poetic? "April Garden" Hmm ... sounds like the name of a stripper. Feel free to offer suggestions.

OK, enough about me, let's talk about something important. Like "Heartmade Blessings." Here's a little blurb about them from their website: "Heartmade Blessings is a not-for-profit, world-wide group of volunteers dedicated to providing hand-crafted items to those people suffering a loss, tragedy, or going through a rough time that need to be reminded of the simple fact that people care." If you read the CrochetDude's blog you're probably already familiar with this organization. If you don't read the CrochetDude's blog, well why don't you? Anyways, yesterday Drew (aka the CrochetDude) posted that they have had an overwhelming number of requests for afghans in recent months. Currently they have over 100 requests pending. That's a lotta squares. And that's where you come in (and me too). One square. That's all it takes. Just one 12" square that'll take you what, maybe 2 hours to do? All the details are available here . And if you make a square and send it to Drew, send me an e-mail and say, "Hey Miss Bossy, I sent Drew a square." And ta da! You'll be entered in a drawing for a basket of yarnaholic goodies. Umm ... I don't know exactly what will be in that basket because I just thought up the idea but it'll be GOOD. I'll put the basket together in the next day or two and take fabulous photos and it'll be so FANTASTIC that maybe you'll make TWO squares. Cuz then you'd get two chances to win. See how that works?


  • At 12:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Congrats on you promotion! More money is always a good thing.
    Hmmm...I kinda like April CrochetLikeTheWind. No problem fitting that on a form, right? Or you can do the Cher thing and just be "April". In the end, I'm kinda lazy, if you don't mind having your ex's name, why go thru all the paperwork?

  • At 1:08 PM, Blogger Tina said…

    How about 'April Flowers'? LOL Just jokin- that was my aunts' (by marriage)name before she married my (step) uncle. Great gesture to help Drew out. (I only have one square done so far, hot off the hook right now.) :)


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