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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Inch By Inch

OK, I promise - this is the last granny square I'll post for a while. This is another Chris Simon pattern; it's called "Ring Around The Rosey." I switched to a "J" hook but alas, I'm still short of the magical 12" number. This square measures in at 11". Now most people would say, "Well just do another round of dc's and it will be done." But what about the integrity of the design? Chris didn't design this square with 3 outer rounds of dc's, she designed it with 2. It's perfectly proportioned the way it is. So this weekend, I'll give it a go with a "K". I refuse to give up! These patterns are far too pretty and I *must* win the Crafting For A Cause challenge for February.

In other news, tonight was the weekly get together of the Silicon Valley Stitchers. Since I'm the ringleader I was there. And so were Rosy, Amy from Virginia AND Sue from Crochetville! If you want to check out a very interesting and well written blog then you must visit Sue's; it's at . She was one of my inspirations for starting my own blog. Hers looks way nicer than mine. She also does beautiful crochet. Color me envious. Anyways, a very pleasant evening was had by all. Oh, and if you happen to be at the Coffee Society in the next little while you MUST have a piece of their Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake. It's beyond delicious.

Here is one of the reasons why it's better to adopt an older cat, as opposed to a kitten. This is Andy, who will be a year in a few months. The cage he is perched on is inhabited by my two mice, Lily and Daisy. He spends a lot of time up there. So much so, that the metal bars on the cage are beginnging to bend as he gets bigger. I'm thinkin' a new mouse cage is in the near future. But before you get concerned about the mice being terrorized by this rather hungry looking feline on top of their home, it doesn't seem to bother them. Lily, who is either fearless or very stupid, is forever sticking her nose through the bars when Andy is peering in. On the off chance he has a few sunflower seeds to share.


  • At 8:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Your granny is SO close! Oh well! Looks terrific anyway!
    Thanks so much for the kind compliments!! You're very sweet! And thanks for inviting me to the group. It was great fun. :)
    I goofed! I can't come next Thursday. My son's school is having Back to School night. Yes, in Feb! They have a block system and take 1/2 their classes each semester. So now it's 2nd semester and all new classes. I'll see you at Crochet Meetup instead. :)

  • At 2:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Check my gallery now, it's all fixed. However, I don't have all 35 grannies posted. Got lazy about taking pictures at the end of that project! :D


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