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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy National Teddy Bear Day!

According to Facebook (the knower of all things) today is National Teddy Bear Day. I have yet to make a bear so of course I had to start one this morning. I am making Lion Brand's Amigurumi Bear. It's basically two pieces of crocheted fabric sewn together with appendages added. I'm hoping I can finish it before Teddy Bear Day is over. I'm using Red Heart's "Soft Yarn" in the colorway "Toast." Maybe that's why I'll name the little feller.

Here is Apple Ninja. I made him yesterday and almost lost my mind. I have a friend who just started at Apple and I got this wild idea about how cute it would be to crochet a little Ninja with the Apple logo on it for him. Really, what the hell was I thinking, me the hater of all things fiddly? We shall not discuss how long it took me to get the stupid logo cut out. I actually had to make a PATTERN of the logo, glue it to felt and then snip, snip, snip. Except the first time I snipped I had the logo reversed. Curses.

Did I mention how flippin' splitty this damn yarn was? It's also Red Heart Soft Yarn but I think something went wrong with the dying process because this particular ball of yarn went wEEeeEEeeEEee every other stitch. I was in a seriously bad mood after this little guy was done. I think maybe I'll just keep him for myself as a constant reminder to never attempt something like this again.


  • At 2:54 PM, Blogger trek said…

    Fiddly indeed! But cute all the same.

  • At 4:56 PM, Anonymous 2paw said…

    I sympathise with your logo reversing, I have done that with patterns when I am using the double sided iron on stuff. Your Apple Ninja is sooo cute, well worth the pain!!


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