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Monday, April 25, 2011

Crappy Picture, Nice Hat

Yesterday all I basically did was knit. It was sunny. There was plenty of time to take this hat outside to get a decent picture of it. Did I? Obviously not. No, I waited until 10pm and took it inside. I did this knowing full well that my camera does not like to take inside pictures. So I ended up with a lousy picture of a hat I really like.

This is the Lace-Edged Women's Hat. I think the designer should rename her pattern to be something a bit prettier as opposed to merely descriptive. Because this really is a lovely hat, despite how it looks in my crummy picture. I used Knit Picks Merino Style yarn and I was surprised (it just took me 4 attempts to spell "surprised" correctly, hello Monday) at the quality. There are some Knit Picks yarns that I absolutely loathe (Palette, Wool Of The Andes) and some that I adore (Gloss). So it's nice to add another yarn to the "Win" column since, as we all know, Knit Picks is tres cheap. And it's superwash, how great is that?

In other news I went to the Knitting Room on Saturday to use my "$20 For $10" Groupon coupon and I bought up a bunch of Plymouth Yarn's Wildflower DK. But guess what? It's so splitty I refuse to work with it. Therefore and herewith and as you will, I shall endeavor to take a nice picture of the four skeins of yarn tonight and then tomorrow we'll have a little give away. That's if you're in the market for four skeins of a cotton/acrylic blend that splits at the drop of a hat.


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