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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Consistent In My Inconsistency

Celeste left us yesterday at the age of 20 months. This picture pretty much sums up Celeste's personality. Celeste had "estrogen issues." She was constantly fighting with the other rats and wanted absolutely nothing to do with me unless I had some food. She ended up with two large mammary tumors that I unfortunately didn't have $600 to remove. The vet assured me that they were causing her no pain and that when the time came that they affected her mobility, we would help her cross The Bridge. I really hope that she is happier now than she was with me.

For those of you who are keeping count this brings my rat total to 16. I've had to resort to keeping a spreadsheet so everyone gets fed on a regular basis and that everyone gets their "out time." Most of my ratties are "stashers" so it's very easy to feed them one day, come back the next and the bowl is empty. "Oh gosh, I need to put more food in there." Then come cage cleaning day you find five pounds of rat food hidden at the bottom of the cage. So yeah, a spreadsheet's a good idea.

In knitting news, I'm working on Molly which is a seriously cool scarf. Unfortunately I'm having a hard time finding a colorway I like. I started it in Classic Elite's Liberty Wool in kind of a blue/purple/gray colorway but the way the yarn was variegated made it look, I dunno, sloppy is the only word I can come up with. So then I switched to Wisdom Yarn's "Poems" which is a self-striping yarn. I like the self-striping bit but OMG, the colorway is hideous. However, I'm not ripping it out again. And since I plan on making a lot of these I'm sure I'll come across the right colorway eventually. Maybe.


  • At 1:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm sorry to hear about your poor ratties! Sounds like March has been a tough month for you. :-(

    Hope April (both you and the month!) are better!

    Gwyndolyn O'Shaughnessy (rav)

  • At 5:34 AM, Anonymous 2paw said…

    Oh, Poor little Celeste, I do remember reading that you thought she was feisty.
    You are very dedicated and I love that you have a spreadsheet. Those ratties are tricksy, hiding their food, aren't they?
    I look forward to seeing your scarf, whatever the colour!!


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