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Monday, January 03, 2011

Hooray For 2011!

It is a new year. Finally. 2010 was not one of my better years, which seems to be how it was for many people. I shall look back on 2010 as The Year Of Illness. From a rogue virus that sidelined me in June for three days, to the Famous S Cluster (sciatica, scoliosis and spondylothesis) to my current malady, Pseudo Pneumonia, which I have had since Thanksgiving. Yes, this wasn't one of my healthier years.

However, being stuck on the couch was good for the crafting. I probably made more "stuff" this year than ever before. I didn't meet my goal of 25 scarves for the Rez but I'm pretty sure I made 25 assorted objects for my Indian friends.

This is my latest pattern obsession - The Wheelchair Wrap. I wish it was called something else because I keep thinking it's something that should be wrapped up in a tortilla with cheddar cheese and lettuce. We (me and the Yahoo group I belong to) are making them for a nursing home on the Rez. I'm on my third one.

I have also joined the 52 Hats In 52 Weeks challenge on Ravelry so expect to see a whole lotta hats. That was one of my resolutions, 52 hats in 2011. My other two resolutions were to blog every day (which I've already failed at) and to make one crock pot meal a week. I am determined to master the slow cooker. If for no other reason than it would be a God send in the summer when even heating something in a pot on Medium on my stove makes my apartment unbearable. So if you have any great crock pot recipes please send them my way.

And hopefully I'll keep up with the blogging. Happy New Year, everyone!


  • At 2:15 PM, Anonymous 2paw said…

    Happy New Year and I hope that 2011 is a good year full of rude health!!
    Good luck with your goals, I look forward to seeing your hats!! I don't think I could post every day for a year: but I might be able to cook something once a week in my slow cooker!!

  • At 4:50 AM, Blogger trek said…

    Happy New Year. Crock pot: I have a bit of pork loin simmering as I type. Plop a chunk of beef or pork in the bottom, add your favorite spices and herbs and about an inch or so of stock. Relax.

    You might want to turn the meat once or twice to prevent the topy drying but it is a wonderful way to make a pot roast without the stove top.

    I've also done beef stew and tomato sauce in the slow cooker.


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