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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Woo. Hoo. Hat # 3

Let me tell you, it's all about the numbers here at Chez Insanity. I'm walking a fine line between production knitting and trying to knit attractive hats / scarves / what have you. As much as I would like to crank out something different every day just to fill the need I really want to make stuff that someone would be proud to wear. But then I come across people who are whipping out hats at an alarming rate and *le sigh*, I am torn again.

I think this hat sort of fits the bill. It was fast (by my standards) but it's still kinda cute. This is the BasicSimpleLazy Hat (Rav link) from Yarn Ball Boogie. I used Queensland Collection Super Aussie which is a worsted weight superwash merino. It's dirt cheap, I think I paid maybe $3.99 a ball for it from Webs, and it's rather nice stuff. I have a feeling it might have a tendency to pill but let's hope not. I used just a little over one skein (109 yards). That's a pretty inexpensive hat.

Unfortunately I knit it on 4 DPN's instead of 5 so I've got some ladder issues going on (see lower right, upper left). I won't be making that mistake again. Now I'm making mittens. I love making mittens but I hate that stupid hole when you're doing the thumb. You know that hole you get when you're picking up all the stitches to start the thumb? Yeah, that hole. But my friend Blogless CindyLouWho says she knows how to pick up the stitches for the thumb so there are no holes. Imagine! So hopefully I'll have these mittens done by next Wednesday so I can pester her at Knit Night to show me how to do it too.

My life - just one round of excitement after the next. Back to the knitting!


  • At 4:20 AM, Blogger trek said…

    Very punny.

  • At 6:20 AM, Anonymous 2paw said…

    Ladders or no ladders, I love the decreasing of that hat!!
    Yes, I know that hole exactly. I have not conquered it, but I have conquered the hole in the sock gusset pick up. One down, one to go!!


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