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Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Pictureless FO

I finished a hat last night but have no picture. So instead we have trees and clouds today.

I am very pleased with my pictureless hat. I used the Crocheted Watchman Cap (Rav link) pattern. I may call this the perfect crocheted hat pattern. But that may be just because it actually fits my super sized noggin, though it's not for me. This is one big ol' hat. I used Wool-Ease with a J hook and I think I'm gonna make the next one with an I hook since not everyone has abnormally sized heads and I want to make a bunch of these for the Rez. At times I wondered if I was actually crocheting a market bag, that's how big this hat is. However, it has a lovely brim you flip over so it's almost as though the entire hat is two layers. Definitely a winner.

In rat news, we are awaiting the arrival of another rattie to the SANCTUARY. This new arrival is coming from a medical lab so no doubt he will be completely unsocialized. I always enjoy a challenge. He has been tentatively named "Pfizer."


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