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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shhhh ....

This is kind of your quintessential California picture, wouldn't you say? I took this picture in the spring at Filoli Gardens which is a gorgeous estate here in the San Francisco Bay area. I took many, many pictures there. Like ... 100. I'm sure we'll be seeing more pictures from Filoli Gardens.

I am 50 now. FIFTY. Half a century. Five decades. FIFTY. And with age, has come a complete and total intolerance for noise. Some may argue that it's not age that has made me this way but the fact that I share an office with someone who talks from the moment she walks in in the morning until I drag my butt out of there in the evening. I kid you not. And 95% of what she talks about is not work related. It's her dysfunctional relationship with her boyfriend. It's her cat that's had a stroke. It's her gluten allergies. I am slowly, but surely, going out of my mind here.

Now you may be thinking, "Hey April, slip on the big girl panties and just tell this woman to hush." I have. On numerous occasions. My boss has told her as well. One of my co-workers even went so far as to buy me a t-shirt that said STFU. I have ignored her. Pretended I didn't hear her. If I don't talk to her she sits and stares at me. Have you any idea how hard it is to work when someone is staring at you?

Apparently she cannot cope in an environment devoid of noise. Because if there is no noise to distract her she can "hear the buzzing in my ears." Some days all that stands between me and a jail sentence is my trusty bottle of Vicodin.

Clearly the answer is to move to South Dakota. I have heard that South Dakota is very quiet. Probably because there aren't a lot of people there. This is appealing in more ways than you can imagine. I would move to Walden Pond but I'm sure it's probably a major tourist attraction now and I'd never get any peace. So South Dakota it is. Unless I go deaf in the near future.


  • At 9:44 AM, Blogger Knitty Nina said…

    That's why I love it here in our little village in the Nebraska Sandhills. After a chaotic 35 years in California, it is a blessing to live a peaceful quiet life where my ancestors homesteaded. No sirens, no airplanes, bird songs can be heard and stars are spectacular. I hope you find relief from the noise.

  • At 2:32 PM, Blogger trek said…

    Hapy Birthday.

    I totally get it with the "shut up" urges. I can't stand lots of noise. Especially first thing in the morning before my tea.

    I used to think that telling a kid to use their "indoor voice" was just plain goofy.

    At our house, we have "indoor voice" and "morning voice".

    Not so goofy, eh?

  • At 6:49 PM, Blogger anne said…

    And I thought I was the only one who hated noise. As I sit here typing this, the only sound in the room is the oscillating fan and the cicadas out back -- more than enough sound for me!

  • At 5:30 AM, Blogger Alwen said…

    Extroverts. They don't know what they're thinking unless they say it out loud.

    As an introvert, I sympathize and offer you a nice pair of rifle-range ear protectors.

  • At 1:23 PM, Anonymous Carrie #K said…

    Your co worker would probably miss you horribly and move there with you.


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