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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Happy October!

And Happy Blogtober! Look! I'm right on schedule! Although I must confess, I was a bit unsure how this whole Blogtober thing was going to pan out since I entered my stupid name incorrectly when signing up yesterday. For the month of October, please be sure to refer to me as Apri. No L. Thank you.

In rattie news, I was supposed to pick up Ratoncito this evening but alas, I have not heard from his current owner so I don't really know what's happening. Sometimes craigslist people can be a bit flakey. Like the fellow who yesterday advertised "Rat Cages $10 - $20" and then told me he had one cage left for $80.00. Apparently the numerical system has been reorganized and no one told me. If I'm going to shell out $80.00 for a cage it'll be a new one, not a used one thank you very much.

UPDATE: Ratoncito is IN THE HOUSE. Poor Ratoncito, the lady who had him obviously wasn't very familiar with the care and keeping of rats. I mean, she provided for his basic needs but little Ratoncito was in his cage with just some bedding, his food dishes and his water bottle. No toys, no chewy things, and most importantly, no hidey hole. In all honesty, it just about broke my heart. And he's old. Probably close to two years. I tried to give him a little piece of bread tonight and he had no idea what it was. But eventually he took it very gently and nibbled away at it. He's a heartbreaker, he is. He also has an eye infection that I'm a bit worried about so it's off to the vet tomorrow. When will I learn? WHEN?


  • At 10:09 AM, Blogger trek said…

    Recognition of the problem is the first step towards a solution! Apri. No L. - she can be taught :o)

  • At 12:41 PM, Blogger trasha said…

    Lucky Ratonocito had you to rescue him.


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