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Friday, April 15, 2011

Selective Listening

Here's little Luna Grace, one of the newer additions to the crew. She's another one of the "Hoarder Rats". Luna is a good example of how I only hear what I want to hear when it comes to ratties.

Brill is one of the few intact males I have. He lives with his long time companion, Tink (who is spayed), and loves her madly. Unfortunately Tink is getting on. My best guess is that she's probably 28 months. So I've been looking around for another spayed female. Enter Luna Grace.

There's just one problem. Brill is a VERY big man rat. And rambunctious. Luna Grace is tiny. And justifiably terrified of Brill. Now the thing is, is that I knew Luna G. wasn't going to be a big rat. They told ME that when I adopted her. They SAID, "She will always look like she's only three months old." What was I thinking?!? Oh I know what I was thinking. "Oh look at this pretty little grey rat that loves to be held and cuddled with the white squishy wishy tummy . I just wanna snorgle her to death."

And that dear readers, is why I have 16 rats.


  • At 12:40 AM, Anonymous 2paw said…

    Snorgle!!! I would have 16 Labradors except they are a bit too big!!! Luna is very cute!!


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