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Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Ultimate Ultimate

I like yarn. You might have noticed that. I'm got a bit of it, lying around Chez Insanity. There may have been times that I claimed to be absolutely smitten with a particular yarn. Perhaps even been "in love" with a yarn (but of course I never programmed it's phone number into my cell phone because you know as soon as you do that IT'S GONE). But that was when I was young and foolish. What did I know of love. Until along came Mirasol's Sulka.

Now I've hung out at a lot of yarn stores. Even worked at a few. I'll be honest. I've fondled a lot of yarn. More than any nice girl should. But my fondling days are over. Because I have found the Ultimate Yarn.

What's not to love about a yarn that's 60% Merino Wool, 20% Alpaca and 20% Silk? OK, so it's a chunky weight and you don't get a lot. Like 55 yards. But it's like knitting with a cloud! It's soft and squishy and "lightly heathered" (who doesn't love the lightly heathered?) and it's relatively inexpensive. And it only takes 1 1/2 balls to make a beanie. Seriously.

Just call me Mrs. Sulka.


  • At 12:49 PM, Blogger yarnpiggy said…

    Doesn't Mirasol have some of the most scrumptious yarns? Yummy!

  • At 3:43 PM, Blogger Sheepish Annie said…

    The Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty is slightly heathered and soft as a cloud. Which probably accounts for why I love him...

    You can't knit a beanie with an AGK, though. You can with a Big, Fluffy Kitty, but first you have to get enough fur to spin up and that is just ridiculous. I'd rather go buy some yarn.

    Thanks for the recommendation!

  • At 6:33 PM, Blogger catsmum said…

    do they make anything similar in a lighter weight? cos if they do I may be in BIGBIGBIG trouble

    wool alpaca silk [ dr-o-o-o-o-l]

  • At 6:50 AM, Blogger trek said…

    You are too funny. But the yarn does sound nice. Number Guy's favorite is Andean Silk. Same components but slightly different ratios.


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