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Saturday, March 08, 2008

My Little Aggie Waggie Boogie Woogie

There are few things more perfect in this world than a pug. With their squished up faces, curly tails and roly poly little bodies, how can you not absolutely adore them? Let us join hands and sing a song in celebration of the pug.

Ode To Agatha

O' little pug
With snuffly nose,
Look how wide
Your tummy grows.

A cookie here,
A cookie there,
On my lap
You leave your hair.

All day long
You run and play,
And snort and bark,
The puggly way.

Allow me to present Miss Agatha, my bestest friend in the WHOLE WORLD. Unfortunately Agatha does not belong to me. She is the granddog of my very good friend, Roz. Agatha comes to visit us at the yarn store where she is always on her best behavior. She is such a good dog that she's allowed to sleep on an Alchemy silk shawl. And no matter how many dog treats we feed her she never pukes them back up. Such a good girl!

OK, now that we've all had our pug love for the day it's time to announce the big WEINER of the Black & White Cookie debate. Oh shit, I've forgotten who it is. Hang on, I'll be right back.

OK, ready. Our big WEINER is CHRISPY of the world famous blog Pursuit Of Fiber. Chrispy. A fine name for a WEINER of a cookie debate contest. Anyway, Chrispy slipped in under the wire having been lured in by the promise of Pagewood Farms Hand Dyed Sock Yarn in "Camo". But that's not all Chrispy wins! Johnny, tell the folks at home what else Chrispy has won!

Folks at home, Chrispy has also won a copy of Vogue Knitting's "Socks Two"!

Wow, that's exciting.

Chrispy, please send your snail mail address to and I'll get your package off in the mail to you ASAP. And now, being somewhat tired from my exciting day of Pugs and Prizes I shall leave you all and retire to the couch.


  • At 10:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear April (My new BEST friend),

    You are SO good to me! Not only do you bring me squeeky lambies and peanut butter cookies, but you write songs and post pictures too!!

    I LOVE coming to see you.

    Your best pal forever,

  • At 6:23 PM, Blogger Sheepish Annie said…

    Oh, I love pugs!!! Such sweet little faces...I just wanna squish 'em!!! Which is probably why I can't have a dog. The BFK asks for one every day. But the dog people know about the face-squishing and tell me no every time.

  • At 9:13 PM, Blogger Valerie said…

    I missed the cookies, which is really ironic because what was I doing yesterday? Buying a black-and-white cookie -- the Exhibit A type, of course -- from a bakery. Yum. I love B&W cookies, but really only type A ones.

    How did I miss your birthday? I'm such a scumbag. I'll make it up to you, don't worry. I think I've been in a burlap sack since New Year's, or something.

    Are you all well yet? I just finished my evil antiobiotics yesterday.

    -Hapless V


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