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Friday, April 13, 2007

P. Lo To The Max

I've gotten back into going to my bi-monthly Crochet Meet-up meetings. After I started knitting again I quit for a few months but I'm right back in the swing of things. For a number of reasons ...

This is MY CHAIR at Knitting Arts. Well it doesn't exactly belong to me although I have been known to shoot dirty looks at anyone that might be sitting in it when I'm there. But this is a magical knitting chair. I can sit for hours in this chair and knit. I love it. And then there's ...

PEACHES PEACHES PEACHES!!! That's exactly how you have to say it, in a very high pitched squeal with much jumping up and down in your chair. I am the Vice President of the Peaches Fan Club. The president is her Mom, Britt, who is also the organizer of our group.

Britt looks very stern and somber in this picture but trust me, she's not. She's certifiably wacky. Britt is an extremely talented crocheter and makes the cutest outfits for Peaches. I'm trying to talk her into setting up an Etsy shop to either sell the little doggy sweaters or at least the patterns. Her mother, Cynthia, also attends our meetings. She's a rocket scientist. Really. For NASA. So while I sit and crochet she tells me all about the problems with the latest launch. We don't get to see her much because she's forever running down to Florida to solve some new crisis. She likes to swatch a lot. Maybe it's the scientist in her.

PEACHES PEACHES PEACHES!!! Peaches is eight months old and is a chihuahua although she kind of looks like a Jack Russell terrier. Britt gives Peaches scraps of yarn in the hopes that Peaches will learn to crochet. I agree that Peaches is a very smart dog but uh .. perhaps her paws are the wrong shape for holding a crochet hook. I'm just sayin'.

PEACHES PEACHES PEACHES!!! Here we can see that Peaches has a crooked face. Really. However, I think it only adds to her delicate beauty. Has it become obvious to anyone yet that I'd really like to STEAL THIS DOG? Ah well, thank God Friday has finally arrived at Chez Insanity.

And what's Friday night without the world's largest pizza, eight movies and four bottles of wine? Party ON, dudes.


  • At 2:36 AM, Blogger Sheepish Annie said…

    I'm rather concerned about this desire to steal other's pets! And the Big, Fluffy Kitty is rather put out that she has moved down the list. Now I'll have to spend my whole day addressing her self-esteem issues. Sheesh!!!

    But, I have to admit that a widdle doggie in a handmade sweater would be hard to resist. PEACHES, PEACHES, PEACHES!!

  • At 1:01 PM, Blogger Marie said…

    It's actually known as "The Diva Chair" (usually because I am in it....but I digress!!). I am happy to share it with you :)

  • At 6:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    PEACHES, PEACHES, PEACHES is absolutely adorable! I'd try to steal her if I were near her, too.


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