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Sunday, August 08, 2010


I like crocheting. I'm not really good at it but I'm getting there. But there's just one thing about crochet that I wish I could change. I wish I could make it look more like knitting. The thing I like best about knitting is that everything looks so precise. Especially on small needles. Is there anything as crisp looking as a sock done on US 1's? I think not.

I have a million scarves to make in the next couple of weeks. And being the slowest knitter in the world, I knew it wasn't gonna happen if I tried to get all these scarves done with sticks and string. Out came the hook and the search began for a crochet pattern that looks like it's been knitted.

Which is why I'm crocheting waffles. I like this pattern a lot; it's Lion Brand's Thermal Scarf. The pattern calls for a J hook which I thought was going to be too small given that I'm a very tight crocheter. But apparently, where once I was tight, now I am loose. Well I did turn 50 this year, after all. Anyway, I crocheted a few rows and what was supposed to be 6" was actually 7". And it was looking a little "airy". So I boldly went down to an H and now I'm bang on. The color is totally off in this picture - the color I'm using is Forest Green Heather. Not steel blue. Please ignore the somewhat wavy edge on the right side of the waffle, I said I was getting better at crochet, not that I actually was.


  • At 3:53 PM, Blogger .: tani :. said…

    i think it's cute! whoever receives it will love it!

    i, too, prefer knitted items...but one of my FAVORITE scarfs is crocheted...and people always ask me where i bought it.

    to my crochet-untrained eyes, it's a series of single and double crochet rows that create a rib. the yarn is a super chunky heather gray.

    have fun finishing your projects (quickly) :)

  • At 5:22 AM, Blogger LizzieK8 said…

    Learn the stitch called the linked double crochet. Alternate it with rows of single or half single crochet. Much, much, much softer fabric more like knitted. I recently learned it and adore it! And I think the "wrong" side is much more attractive than the "right" side.

  • At 8:34 AM, Blogger trek said…

    Forest Green Heather?! Cornflower Blue on my monitor.

    Great stitch pattern.

  • At 5:01 AM, Blogger catsmum said…

    yeah cornflower over here Chez Catsmum - I was going to tell you how much I loved the blue until I continued reading - but I'm sure the green is lovely too.
    good luck with the whacko at work!!!!


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