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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Eyelet Lace Beanie

Whoa, almost an entire month and no posty. That's not good.

So ... a short update. I'm still not working, other than my very part time job at Green Planet Yarn. A few "extenuating" circumstances are preventing my return to work but hopefully everything will be straightened out by the end of the month. In the mean time Andy and I are having deep, philosophical discussions about the meaning of life and whether or not Fancy Feast is worth the price. He's all recovered from his little urinary tract issue and is back to hunting crickets, worms and dead leaves.

I have been spending a ridiculous amount of time knitting and have a veritable parade of FO's which I don't seem inclined to post tonight. Maybe tomorrow. In other news, I have begun designing simple hats for my yarn store of employment. One of them sorta looks like this.

Note to self: Don't knit samples with red yarn. And in case you'd like to make one for yourself, here be the pattern. I *think* I wrote it up correctly. It's extremely stretchy, so although you might be knitting along, thinking "This will only fit a pinhead" if it fits me (22" large head, small brain) it will probably fit you.

Eyelet Lace Beanie

Finished size – 14” unstretched (up to 22” stretched, this hat has a lot of give), 8” length

Materials – approx. 140 yards bulky weight yarn (sample done in Filtes King Modigliani)

Needles – US 10 ½ circular, 16” length and 4 US 10 ½ double pointed needles

Gauge – 7 stitches equals 1” in pattern

Using circular needle, cast on 74 stitches and join in the round without twisting. Work in K1, P1 rib for 9 rounds. On round 10 increase 1 stitch while staying in pattern = 75 stitches.

The body of the hat is done in a Mock Eyelet Rib pattern as follows:

Round 1 – *Slip 1 as if to knit, K2, psso both knit stitches, P2*; rep from * to end.

Round 2 - *K1, YO, K1, P2*; rep from * to end.

Round 3 - *K3, P2*; rep from * to end.

Round 4 – Rep round 3

Repeat these 4 rounds for a total of 8 repeats (32 rows) or until hat is approximately 1 ½ inches shorter than total desired length.

Begin decreases; switching to double pointed needles as necessary.

Round 1 – *K3, K2tog*; rep from * to end.

Round 2 – Knit all stitches

Round 3 - *K2, K2tog*; rep from * to end.

Round 4 – Knit all stitches

Round 5 - *K1, K2tog*; rep from * to end.

Round 6 – Knit all stitches

Round 7 – K2tog around

Thread yarn through remaining stitches and pull tight. Weave in ends.

Copyright © 2008 Toque Du Jour Designs. This material may not be reprinted without the permission of the author; this pattern may not be used to produce items for commercial purpose.


  • At 6:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Very pretty and I think the color is nice!

  • At 12:17 PM, Blogger sheep#100 said…

    Welcome back to the blogosphere. Hope things start to work out soon!

  • At 1:03 PM, Blogger Sheepish Annie said…

    My vet (aka The Cat Whisperer) has assured me that Fancy Feast is not worth the price and made me feel quite guilty about the serving thereof. Now The Big Fluffy Kitty hates me because she loved The Feast. She does not love the food the vet wants her to eat.


    Fabulous beanie! You can never really have enough beanies, IMHO. They go with everything and transcend the seasons. I think I heard that on Project Runway...

  • At 2:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Very nice beanie; I think I'll have to put that on my list of hats to knit!

    I hope all works out on the employment front!

  • At 1:51 PM, Blogger SpinalCat said…

    I'm glad your kitty is ok. Mine has a bladder infection right now and is so pitiful!

  • At 6:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    what is psso in the pattern?

    email me at

    thank you. its a cute hat. !

  • At 5:10 AM, Blogger Michele said…

    Love the beanie, I think I have just the yarn to make it for my teenage girl-- of course then she'll decimate my yarn making them for her friends and I'll have to buy MORE YARN!! and my husband will just shake his head and sigh.

  • At 2:27 PM, Blogger Unknown said…

    I love this pattern! I knitted it in blue variegated yarn and it looks great!I used size 8 to do ribbing and the I used size 11 needles to make the body more open and stretchy and it turned out great! I will be making be making this hat again!

  • At 10:41 PM, Blogger MarthaBee said…

    I so enjoy your site, and have a similar profile, sans pets. I am thinking about starting/joining a yarners blog of some sort. I would like to invite you to view my blog at and tell me what you think of my stories (archived in the right hand column) and perhaps you could consider adding a "follow me" widget so I (and others) could receive an email when you publish new posts? Nice to meet you in cyberspace! In sisterhood, Martha Bryson


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