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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Red Wine, A Full Moon ...

... and I join the ranks of the tattooed. Actually I'd been mulling this idea over for more than a year and this just seemed to be the time to do it.

Rattie feets. Is anyone surprised? And it's front and center on my outer right wrist. I think this proclaims to the world, "I am a Crazy Rat Lady." I will admit though that I had serious tattoo-ers remorse after getting it. It's a bit bigger than I wanted. When the tattoo guy said, "Do you want it about the size of a quarter?" I thought he was talking about both feet together. No. Each foot is about the size of a quarter. Clearly, I am not well versed in the ways of the tattoo world. But guess what? Like it or not, I'm stuck with it. Maybe as I get older it will shrink.

In other rat news, little Simone passed away the same night I was getting this tattoo. Unfortunately I have no pictures to share of her since I hadn't had her that long. The vet and I think she must have had a stroke, based on her behavior. Simone was one of the A&E Hoarder rats so she may not have been the healthiest rat in the world. She is much missed by all the ratties, especially her constant companion, Buggy. R.I.P. Simone, you were well loved.

Monday, August 15, 2011

No Room At The Inn

I guess it was inevitable. With all this amigurumi making it was only a matter of time before I'd run out of space. There are monsters in the kitchen cupboards, monsters in the bedroom, monsters in the living room. What to do, what to do? The monsters were actually starting to outnumber the rats.

Meanwhile at work, where I have a number of amigurumi, people were bugging me to sell them. This seemed like a pretty ludicrous idea to me. Would you pay good money for something that looked like this?

So I logged into Etsy and apparently people will spend good money for handmade toys. Even some not very good toys. Which is not to say that MY toys are perfection. How could they be, they're handmade. But I guess they're kinda cute. I try to make each one different. I have WAY too much fun doing the hair.

What the heck I thought, I'll give it a go. And if no one buys any, well then I'll simply donate them to the Pediatric Ward at Valley Medical. And if someone does buy one, well then that money can be used to offset my rattie costs. One of those win win situations you're always hearing about. So here's the linkage for the store. Criticism is always welcome. And who knows, maybe you'll decide your life isn't complete without a Meep. Hey, that rhymes, maybe I've got the making of a jingle here.